What kind of vacuum packaging machine is suitable for the product?
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There are two types of vacuum packaging machines, one is internal vacuum packaging machine, the other is external vacuum packaging machine. The air in the packaging bag is pumped out by the food vacuum packaging machine, and the sealing process is completed after reaching the predetermined vacuum degree. In the food industry, vacuum packaging is widely used in all kinds of cooked products, such as chicken legs, ham, sausage, grilled fish slices, beef jerky and so on; pickled products, such as all kinds of pickles, bean products, preserved fruits and so on. The fresh-keeping period of vacuum packaged food is long, which greatly extends the shelf life of food.
The automatic vacuum packaging machine is suitable for the vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging of frozen meat, chilled meat and other meat products, bean products, seafood, leisure food, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, electronic components, hardware tools and other industries. This kind of packaging has become the trend of food packaging in the future. If customers only want simple vacuum sealing, they only need to choose the type of vacuum packaging machine according to the size of the product bag. The main parameter is to seal according to the size of the bag edge to order. For example, the customer's bag size is 200 ¡Ü 300 mm and the sealing edge is 200 mm.
Then we can choose 400 devices. As for the single cavity vacuum packaging machine or double cavity vacuum packaging machine, it depends on the efficiency of customers. For a large number of double cavity vacuum packaging machines, small customers can only choose single cavity vacuum packaging machine, thus saving the cost of customers. Especially for some small self-employed, this 400 single chamber vacuum packaging machine is particularly suitable. If customers need to package their products in different shapes, they can customize some molds for their own products when purchasing vacuum packaging machines. This kind of mold is to put the products to be packed into the bag, and put them into the mold for shape classification, then vacuum and seal.
In fact, the choice of vacuum packaging machine is very simple, as long as you know the size of the product bag, you can choose vacuum packaging machine. Of course, many customers think that vacuum packaging machine is very great. They think that since it is a machine, it can be packaged in any way. This idea is wrong. Machines are also developed, designed and manufactured by human beings. The realization of vacuum packaging machine depends not only on the packaging of products, but also on whether the equipment can be matched. But we have been working hard to develop and design a more convenient and simple vacuum packaging machine and a novel vacuum packaging machine.
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