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BX8.ZK10-120/160 Solid&Granule Automatic Metering Vacuum Packaging Machine
BX8.ZK10-120/160 Solid&Granule Automatic Metering Vacuum Packaging Machine
Work Process:
1. Bag loading, 2. Reservation, 3. Bag opening, 4. Blanking, 5. Liquid adding, 6. Reservation, 7. Bag crossing, 8. Reservation (vacuum);
1. Connect the bag, 2. Close the cover, 3. Primary vacuum, 4. Secondary vacuum, 5. Tertiary vacuum, 6. Fourth vacuum, 7. Seal, 8. Seal cooling, 9. Vent, 10. Open the cover and take out the bag.
Main performance and features:
1. The automatic vacuum packaging machine consists of two separate rotary bodies (filling system and vacuum system respectively);
2. Easy to operate: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system, intuitive and convenient operation;
3. Convenient adjustment: fully automatic. By inputting the required parameters from the man-machine interface, each part of the packaging machine can be adjusted to the required part;
4. High degree of automation: meet the requirements of full-automatic vacuum, realize unmanned in the weighing and packaging process. Automatic alarm in case of failure;
5. The perfect prevention system can intelligently detect whether the bag is opened or not and whether the bag is opened completely. In the case of improper feeding, there is no feeding or heat sealing. No waste of bags and materials, cost saving;
6. The equipment meets the hygienic standards of food processing machinery, and the contact part between the equipment and materials is made of 304 stainless steel or other materials meeting the requirements of food hygiene, so as to ensure the hygiene and safety of food and meet the GMP standard;
7. The use of prefabricated packaging bags, high sealing quality, improve the grade of finished products;
8. Scope of application: it can be used to package small fish, preserved chicken feet, dried beans, peanuts, puffed food and some dry materials.

Main Technical Parameters:
Model BX8ZK10-120 BX8ZK10-160
Package specification W70-120mm L80-180mm W70-160mm L80-210mm
Bag type Hand bag, four side sealed bag, three side sealed bag, paper bag, compound bag, etc
Filling range 10-300g
Packaging speed 50-75 bales / min 50-65 bales / min
(Packing speed is related to material)
Main engine weight 2400kg
Main engine power 4kw (Excluding vacuum pump)
Driving power supply Three compartment five wire 380V, 50 Hz
Dimensions 450023003300mm(Excluding hoist height) (hoist model is optional)
Gas consumption 0.4m3/min(Compressed air provided by the user)
Cooling water Cooling water: 15 -20 , 3 L / min (it is recommended to equip with cooling machine)
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