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BX8-200B Powder Automatic Packing Machine
BX8-200B Powder Automatic Packing Machine
This set of equipment is made up of prefabricated bag automatic rotary packaging machine and screw scale. It is suitable for automatic packaging of milk powder, coffee, condiments, additives and other powder materials in self-supporting bag, handbag, zipper bag, four side sealing bag, three side sealing bag, paper bag, M-type bag and other composite bags.
Size Diagram:

Main Technical Parameters:
Model BX8-200B
Packaging speed 30-60 bales / min (packing speed is related to material)
Bag range W:70-200mm  L:100-300mm
Filling range


Gas consumption ¡Ý0.4m3/min
Packaging accuracy Deviation ¡Ü¡À 1g (measurement accuracy is related to material)
Host power supply Three phase 380V
Control power supply DC24V
Total power 3.5Kw
Dimensions 3500¡Á1770¡Á2840mm (including conveyor hoist)
Overall weight 1500kg
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